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All About ME.


I've been plotting things my whole life but only recently decided to do it professionally. I'm a Mexican American writer and poet blown in from the wild, West Texas winds of El Paso. A former advertising and public relations professional, I now concentrate on amusing myself and dropping truth bombs. I'm passionate about increasing the visibility of Latines/Latinos/ Latinx/Hispanics (you know who we are), whether by writing, founding El Paso Day, or proposing to adjust the time frame of Hispanic Heritage Month for more impact. I've been a guest columnist for El Paso Matters and have featured poetry in WHAT THEY LEAVE BEHIND: A LATINX ANTHOLOGY.  And, you know what? Since this is my bio, I'm going to throw in the fact that I've won my friends' World Cup bracket pool THREE World Cups in a row. You can usually find me eating queso and singing every damn word to the same 500 classic rock songs with my husband and daughter in Dallas.

About Me
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